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Need to Talk?

Life can get tough but there are always people to help you through it.  Whether you are at the beginning of your positivity journey or have been working on it for a while now, we all need to talk or seek out help at some point.  You can always reach out through private message on the Keeping Kids Positive social media pages or you can utilize the resources I have listed below.  The most important thing to remember is that people are here for you and to get help if you need it.  The world is a better place with you in it!


By dialing the hotline that fits your needs, you will have the ability to talk to someone, anonymously, who will help you deal with your current situation.  Hover to find the numbers to these hotlines.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

(800) 273-8255

Mental Illness Hotline:

(800) 950-6264

The Samaritans HelpLine: (877) 870-4673


Talkspace is an app for your phone that allows you to speak to therapists in a convenient manner.  You will be connected with a licensed therapist whom you can contact to discuss your current needs.

The link to learn more about TalkSpace is:

If TalkSpace is not for you the following resources are similar!




Support Groups

Living in a virtual world, support groups can be found everywhere.  Whether it be a weekly zoom call or meeting up for lunch, talking to others can provide the support you need to make it through the week.

To find a support group in your area start with a Google search or start one of your own with your friends!  The great thing about support groups is that they can be found everywhere!

Text Lines

If you are on the go or in a position where you cannot, or feel uncomfortable, talking to someone on the phone then a text line is for you!  By texting the number you can speak to someone anonymously via text about your current situation.

The number for the crisis text line is:

All you need to do is text HELLO to that number to begin a conversation.

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