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About Me

Hi, my name is Brooke Heath, and I am the creator of Keeping Kids Positive!  As a young child, I began volunteering with numerous children's organizations and found that demonstrating positivity helped kids feel special and loved.  Children today face many challenges and by motivating and encouraging them, I know we can have a positive influence on their future.  Join me in "Keeping Kids Positive" and making a difference in today's youth.

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My Vision

My goal is to make all children, and as many adults that are interested, work toward Keeping Kids Positive.  My website includes a great deal of information on how to motivate children to stay positive and reminds us that doing so can really make a difference in a child's future.  Those visiting my website can also participate in an interactive virtual positivity board where we can exchange positive thoughts, ideas, and volunteer opportunities.  At only 6 years old, I began competing in pageants and they taught me the value of self-confidence, positivity, and having someone in your corner that you can depend on no matter what.  Beyond this, my pageants encouraged me to give back to my community and to make a difference in the lives of others.  Over the years I have spent countless hours volunteering with organizations that benefit children in addition to being a mentor for both younger pageant and soccer girls. Mental health issues continue to impact our youth today and we must do our part to be sure it declines. If we all join together in my movement and spend our time Keeping Kids Positive imagine the wonderful world in which we will live.  


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